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The Total Fresh Offer
Setting the standards for quality-consistently driving fresh

What makes CPTF stand aside from the rest is our Total Fresh Offer, an innovative approach to providing store staff with the freshest produce available. We combine this with concepts that ensure the simplest store processes in the retail marketplace.

The CPTF ‘Total Fresh Offer’ drives down costs and increases quality. Very simply, we buy quality, we buy fresh and we buy well. At CPTF we have been working by this FIFO method from the beginning. We believe that when working with a live product, you must do your utmost to preserve its shelf life. All our systems revolve around this simple, effective concept. We are constantly working to reduce the time it takes to buy the product from the market and have it on your shelf.

This enables us to

  • Reduce wastage through a FIFO (First In, First Out) process, ensuring produce is always fresh
  • Quicker inventory returns
  • Better margins
  • Little or no carryover in stock, reducing overheads and space requirements
  • Extend the shelf life in-store and at consumer’s home.

Our service includes access to the following

  • A full convenience range of 400+ products
  • Over 50 pre-pack products
  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Customer service model – retail counsellors on the road every day of the year
  • In-store training package tailored for your store
  • Electronic ordering service
  • Electronic picking system
  • 24 years of experience supplying independent supermarkets