Innovative and streamlined
Setting the standard in customer service

As wholesale fruit and vegetable suppliers, CPTF has 24 years of experience supplying independent stores, supermarkets and retail outlets in New South Wales. Our business model is based on supplying the highest quality produce available at the most competitive prices. We believe in providing a high level of customer service and creating quality relationships with our clients. We know how to source the best produce, and with the implementation of advanced technology, our efficient ordering and delivery system is an advantage for retail owners. In constant communication with growers and suppliers, our market knowledge is second to none.

Customer service

Our customer service team has decades of experience in all aspects of the fresh produce industry. We are committed to adding value to the total fresh offer. We can tailor individual fresh produce store solutions to train and assist operators to provide top quality service.

Our team provides

  • Frequent hands-on in-store support
  • Practical in-store training packages, utilising the retailer’s particular store environment. This ensures that where you learn the skills is where you use them.
  • Regular store assessments to identify opportunities, potential improvements and merchandising assistance.
  • Market intelligence (competition checks and demographic product ranging)
  • New store, relay and refurbishment support.

Over many years, we have established relationships with some of New South Wales’ largest growers and farms. We believe in maintaining fresh quality by daily purchasing. We believe strongly in driving sales of peak season produce as prices will be lower and quality will be at its very best. Our innovative and streamlined ordering and delivery system is designed specifically for retail businesses. This ensures maximum efficiency, minimum wastage and an overall increase in profits.